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Arlington, MA — A short introduction to this Great American Town

Whatever your reason, spending time in Arlington, Massachusetts is a decision you won’t regret. The town covers just 5.5 square miles and is nestled between neighboring communities of Winchester, Medford, Cambridge, and Lexington, just six miles northwest of Boston. With a population of 43,000 it maintains its town status while still conveniently located to more densely populated urban areas.

Here are a few reasons why Arlington is a great idea—either for a visit or permanent move:

Live, work & play easily. Arlington is well liked in the Boston metro area due to its great public school system, easy access to Alewife station and relative affordability compared to neighboring cities and towns, all the while maintaining a great cultural and community atmosphere. It’s possible to find a house with a yard or a two family as an investment property at a reasonable price, especially considering the proximity to Boston. Families and young professionals have been especially attracted to Arlington for these reasons in recent years.

Get there and get around. It’s not surprising that Arlington is accessible however you approach it. Alewife Station is just a bike path away. Route 2 is a major transportation route connecting Arlington to Boston and western Massachusetts. Interstate 93, 95 and Route 3 are also conveniently close by. Public transportation is provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, which services the greater Boston area with bus service and a subway system. There is no reason to feel removed from Boston proper or entertainment and amenities in neighboring Cambridge!

American heritage. Arlington was originally settled in 1635 under the name Menotomy. Over time, thriving agricultural and mill industries developed around Mill Brook, which at the time was a larger and swifter stream than it is today. The town was renamed in 1867 to honor the American heroes buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Learning is valued here. The first free public library in Massachusetts opened in Arlington in 1837. A $100 private donation and $30 from the town was all it took to open the doors! In addition, the public school system is rated with some of the top in our state, which is a major draw for families considering a move to Arlington.

Holds its own with culture and entertainment. Though eclectic restaurants in neighboring towns and big city events in Boston and Cambridge are not far away, Arlington has its own arts and entertainment scene. There are a couple museums, galleries, a community theater and music venue right in town. While still considered a suburb, there is much more to the restaurant scene in Arlington than standard suburban fare. Establishments that value local, fresh food flourish in Arlington.

Nature and fitness in abundance. A number of well-maintained parks, playgrounds, conservation areas, ponds, and access to the Mystic Lakes offer inhabitants and visitors alike great outdoor activities, scenic views and a healthy lifestyle. A network of bike and walking paths also run throughout town and are used by residents year round.