Limitations on required Flood Insurance coverage in Massachusetts

Whether you own a home, condo or multi-family, you will now have the option to cover only the outstanding loan balance on your flood insurance policy. Massachusetts state law now limits the amount of flood insurance a creditor can require of an owner or purchaser of residential property in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SPFA). […]

Insurance Tips for Our New Graduates

Graduates face many new and exciting changes – understanding the changes that may also be necessary for the new graduate’s insurance is very important. Whether graduating from Watertown High School or Boston College, Massachusetts college and high graduates alike should consider and evaluate their need for auto insurance, renter’s insurance and an umbrella policy. Car […]

The Contractor’s Intro Guide to Insurance Coverage

As a contractor, you face a myriad of unique demands every day. Others often look to you to call the shots throughout a project—whether you are renovating a home basement or balancing on a rooftop. The risks and requirements of one job usually vary greatly from the next one, which can make the search for […]

Guard Insurance is a Trusted Choice® Agency of Personal and Commercial Lines

Trusted Choice® agents are independent business owners who are bound by a common commitment to serving our clients. Guard Insurance Agency  has access to multiple insurance companies – free to shop around – and together with a strong commitment to quality service, we are equipped to offer the right coverage and great cost savings. More […]

What is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage? Personal Umbrella Coverage is broad protection (like an umbrella) against financial catastrophe that could strike your family if someone brings a successful liability suit against you for a large sum. Personal Umbrella protection does not replace your Homeowner, Automobile or Comprehensive Personal Liability policies. It’s designed to supplement these […]

Tips on Parking your car in Arlington MA during the Snow Emergency Ban

The residential parking ban in Arlington remains in effect until further notice. This means there is no parking on all side streets and all on-street permitted spots until further notice from the Town of Arlington. Any car parked on these side streets is subject to ticketing and towing. The parking ban has been lifted however, […]

Manage Snow Load to help Guard your Business and Building against Roof Collapse

Massachusetts businesses can help protect their building against roof collapse by managing snow and ice accumulation before, during and after each storm. Snow drifts along ridge lines and on lower roof levels should especially be monitored. It is best to be prepared before the next storm by recognizing the potential hazard of snow or ice […]

Guard Insurance Agency voted Best Insurance Agency, Watertown MA

The Votes are in!   Guard Insurance Agency was voted “Best Insurance Agency ” And we are proud to announce that this is our 8th consecutive year! We are lucky to have the best clients too… Thank you for all your support. Market Surveys of America recently announced the winners of the Watertown, MA’s BEST BUSINESSES […]