Massachusetts Drivers – New Changes at the RMV Assist Consumers and their Auto Insurance

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has launched a major modernization effort!  This is great news for Massachusetts drivers to deal more efficiently with the RMV and address insurance requirements. Through the RMV, Massachusetts has specific auto insurance requirements to ensure residents have a manditory minimum coverage in the case of a car accident or other vehicle-related incident. Please contact us if we can be of assistance with the auto insurance requirements or if we can help you determine rates, options and discount programs you may be eligible for.

Between now and May of 2014 the RMV will be renovating its telephone system and electronic options. Changes include: adding virtual hold, speech-enabled menus, live chat and self-service options. Massachusetts has six million residents most of who need to work through the RMV and these changes should help stream-line some of the process.

The RMV is also piloting self-service kiosks in four branches, Watertown, Wilmington, Brockton and Plymouth, designed to handle simple and straightforward customer needs. One such example allows customers to return their car plates, without waiting in line, using the touch screen kiosk. Customers can use the kiosk to print their own cancellation notices and deposit their canceled plates into the kiosk.

Another highly anticipated change is consistency in the services offered across all branches, in that all branches will offer the same walk-in services and transactions. No more surprises! We will be able to choose the branch location based on convenience, and not have to worry about the services which are available or not.

Other online services include license and registration renewals, ordering a Fast Lane transponder, driving record and crash police report, reviewing a registration, title or lien, and signing up to be an organ and tissue donor. Many services which are not completely available online can still be stream-lined by using the online system ahead of time. For example, customers who apply for a new license or want to convert an out-of-state license can now perform most of the paperwork online and therefore be fully prepared to save time completing the transaction at the branch. Eventually, the RMV will have the ability to offer customers a portal to manage their own accounts online.

Coming in December, the RMV will also begin sending drivers birthday postcards as reminders of when to renew your license. Although they do not plan to add branches, these changes should make the existing RMV locations more efficient and the services provided more convenient.

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