Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween from Guard Insurance

Halloween Safety Tips in MassachusettsThe leaves are falling, the temps are dropping, and the decorations are up. When passing out treats this Halloween, keep in mind that opening your home to the public can leave you vulnerable to an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Take extra care while driving around town, be sure your home insurance policy is in place, review your car insurance coverage, and consider these safety tips to help ensure a safe and fun Halloween.

Home Safety Tips to Consider this Halloween:

Create a clear path – Keep the area around your home and leading to your door clear of obstructions to avoid trick-or-treaters and other visitors from stumbling and getting hurt.

Lights on for safety – Turn on exterior lights so that trick-or-treaters and other visitors are able to see clearly as they approach your property.

Confine your pets – Keep your pets away from your trick-or-treaters, where they might jump on, knock down, frighten, or even bite unfamiliar visitors.

Avoid open flames – While candles and luminaries can set the spooky tone on Halloween, they can also be easily overturned and result in fire. Consider light sticks and battery-powered lanterns instead.

Jack-O’-Lantern Safety – Unattended Jack-O’-Lanterns lit by candles can easily be tipped over by you, your vistiors, trick-or-treaters, or even pets. Consider a battery-powered light inside your pumpkin.

Halloween Safe Driving Tips to consider:

Slow it down – Help protect trick-or-treaters on Halloween by driving slowly. Remember some towns host Halloween activities on the days surrounding Halloween.

Park the cell phone – Avoid the distractions which come from cell phone calls and be entirely engaged in looking out for trick-or-treaters while driving.

Use extra caution when approaching stopped vehicles – They may be dropping off running trick-or-treaters.

Keep extra alert – Kids could cross the street at anytime, from anywhere. Most young pedestrian deaths happen at spots other than intersections.

Yield to pedestrians – Excited, sugar-filled children often times don’t look both ways before crossing.

Consider these  Halloween Safety Tips  for your own trick-or-treaters

  • Teach them how to safely cross the street
  • Have them carry a flash light or glow stick to help them remain visible
  • Brighten them up with light colored clothing and/or florescent markings
  • Remind them to walk on the sidewalks and driveways
  • Discuss safety rules and the dangers of strangers
  • Consider indoor community events
  • To keep your trick-or-treaters from digging into their candy before they get home, feed them a healthy meal or snack before they set out
  • If they go out on their own, discuss their route, and be clear on where they allowed to go or not go; if possible have them carry a cell phone
  • And if you are driving them, be sure to use your hazard lights to alert other drivers and keep a watchful eye out for other vehicles before they get out of the car

The time to find out that your coverage is incomplete is NOT after you have a claim. Take a moment and review your home insurance coverage, as well as your car insurance policy.

We’re here to help. For a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your insurance please contact us.

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