Parking your Car in Watertown this Winter

Snow AgainThe town of Watertown car parking ban for this winter is in effect. This affects all homeowners and car owners in Watertown as well as any overnight visitors. The regulation states that no car may remain on any Watertown public way “for more than one hour between the hours of 1 AM and 6 AM”. Effective December 1st, 2014, the winter parking ban will go into effect and applies to all days of the week, Sunday through Saturday.

Keep in mind that if a snow emergency is in effect, on street parking is banned and any motor vehicle left on the street will be subject to towing. Snow emergency notifications are posted on the Town of Watertown website.

In order to assist those with limited off street parking, residents of Watertown can park at any municipal lot and other noted locations including the front parking lot at the police station on 522 Main Street, Watertown Public School parking lots, Marion Road at Victory Field, and the Town of Watertown municipal lot at Mount Auburn Street and Boylston.

When parking your car in Watertown this winter, please keep in mind that usage of these lots is temporary and limited to between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM. However, during a snow storm, school lots are to be vacated by 6 AM to allow for snow removal.

As an insurance agency in Watertown, we would like to remind you to be extra careful of where you park your car, overnight and during daytime hours this winter, especially during snow storms. When the snow piles get high and the snow plows are out, there is additional risk of damages.

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