Cambridge Car Insurance can help with Resident Parking

Cambridge car resident parkingWhether you are a homeowner, condo owner or renter, if you live in Cambridge and own a car, your Cambridge Car Insurance can help with resident parking. A Resident Parking Permit allows you to park your car throughout Cambridge in locations posted as “Permit Parking Only”. In order to be eligible, you must be a Cambridge resident and your car must be registered with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) in your name at your Cambridge address and with the garage code being Cambridge.

Your garage code can be found on your insurance coverage selection page. If you need to change your residential address or place of principal garaging, your insurance agent can do this for you. We’re here to help. If you prefer, you can also contact the RMV directly.

As your insurance agent, we’d like to remind you that risk of damages can sometimes be avoided when carefully choosing where you park your car. Having a Resident Parking Permit can help as the “Permit Parking Only” locations are generally well located.

Consider these additional parking tips:

  • Perform a ‘circle check’ when returning to your car in order to immediately notice any damages that need to be addressed or noted before you leave
  • Try to avoid parking under large trees especially in a big storm
  • Try not to leave valuable items visible in the car
  • If you have the choice, park under the light of a street lamp
  • Choose a parking spot carefully and consider any obstructions to you and others

Keep in mind that all parking permits are renewed yearly, and expire on the 31st of January.

Cambridge residents are also provided a Visitor Parking Permit for use by their guests. These permits can be used to park near residents’ homes and must be placed on the dashboard in locations signed as “Permit Parking Only” within the geographic location shown on the map on the back of the permit. The car must be a non-commercial vehicle. Each Cambridge household is eligible to receive one Visitor Parking Permit. If you have a car, the Visitor Parking Permit is provided automatically to the first person who applies for the Resident Parking Permit of that Cambridge household. If you do not have a car, you can apply separately for just the Visitor Parking Permit.

The City of Cambridge periodically checks their vehicle records with the RMV. Any changes must therefore be updated accordingly. For example, if you buy a new car – just as you will need your car insurance policy to reflect the new car purchase, you will need to apply for a new Resident Parking Permit. It is important to also note that any changes in address, even if your move is within Cambridge, must be updated accordingly. This change can be also done through your insurance agent.

Proof of residency rules are quite specific and are required for both Resident Parking Permit and Visitor Parking Permit. One example for proof of residency is a current utility bill (such as gas, electric, cable or telephone) in your name, addressed to your Cambridge residence and dated within the last 30 days. In the case of a Resident Parking Permit, the bill must be in the same name and address as your car registration.

There are some exceptions to the requirements, for example:

  • Residents in the process of moving into Cambridge
  • Residents renting cars in their names
  • Residents in the military on active duty with orders to work or study in Cambridge or nearby.

Your Cambridge Car Insurance can help with resident parking permits, but it is up to you to make wise choices in order to reduce risk.

The time to find out that your car insurance coverage is incomplete is NOT after you have an insurance claim. Take a moment and review your car insurance policy.

We’re here to help. For a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your insurance please contact us.

Additional information on permit regulations, eligibility, fees, etc, can be found on the City of Cambridge website at

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