Arlington Car Insurance can help with Winter Tips

Arlington Snow on Bike Path
If you live in Arlington Massachusetts and own a car, Arlington Car Insurance can help with winter tips. The Town of Arlington has winter weather requirements over residents as well as business owners.

Arlington residents and business owners are required by town bylaws to remove snow and ice from any sidewalks abutting their property following a storm. Failure to comply can result in a fine of $25 to $50 per day. Arlington residents are required to remove snow and ice from abutting paved sidewalks within eight hours (between sunrise and sunset after a storm), Arlington business owners and owners of any residential property whether utilized for apartment or multi-unit condo use have three hours. Please don’t forget to make a path to the street if you live or your business is on a corner. It is also prohibited to relocate snow into the roadway.

As your insurance agent, we’d also like to remind you that additional risk of damages can sometimes be avoided when carefully choosing where you park your car. Consider these parking tips:

  • Perform a ‘circle check’ when returning to your car in order to immediately notice any damages that need to be addressed or noted before you leave
  • Try to avoid parking under large trees especially in a big storm
  • Try not to leave valuable items visible in the car
  • If you have the choice, park under the light of a street lamp
  • Choose a parking spot carefully and consider any obstructions to you and others

During a snow emergency/parking ban, the Town of Arlington will send a notification through the Arlington Alerts system. The Arlington Alerts System is a subscription based system which notifies via email, text and phone, as well as through social media channels and the Town of Arlington website. You can subscribe through the Communications Center.

In the event of a storm here are some important phone numbers to keep on hand:

  • Report downed electrical wires by calling 911 and NSTAR at (800) 592-2000
  • Report power outages to NSTAR at (800) 592-2000
  • Report a downed street tree or limb to the Town of Arlington DPW dispatch at (781) 316-3301

There are also a number of items to check, repair and/or replace in order to prepare the car for winter. Consider the following tips:

  • Know the life expectancy of your battery. Previous troubles starting the engine will be especially susceptible to failure in colder temperatures
  • Inspect your tires to be sure they are properly inflated and have enough tread to provide sufficient wet traction
  • Check antifreeze, air filters, belts and hoses
  • Top off the washer fluid and check the wiper blades
  • Consider keeping a cold weather kit on hand with emergency items such as a snow brush and scraper, snow shovel, bag of sand or salt, warm clothing, flash light, flairs and first aid kit, etc

Your Arlington Car Insurance can help with winter tips but it is up to you to make wise choices in order to reduce risk.

The time to find out that your car insurance coverage is incomplete is NOT after you have an insurance claim. Take a moment and review your car insurance policy.

We’re here to help. For a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your insurance please contact us.

Additional information regarding Arlington snow and ice operations including links to the town bylaws as well as parking ban information can be found on the Town of Arlington website at


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