Parking Chairs in Cambridge

Parking ChairThe Cambridge Department of Public Works has implemented a plan to remove parking savers throughout the city. This includes any item left on the street in attempt to “save” a parking space. Whether you rent an apartment or own a condo in Cambridge, if you own a car, parking has been extremely difficult this winter.

Even Wikipedia posts the following definition of a Parking Chair… “a chair that is used by a vehicle owner to informally mark a parking space as reserved for oneself. Other objects are also used for this purpose, including trash cans, ironing boards, ladders and other similar-sized objects that are commonly found in households.” The City of Cambridge regulations, however, does not allow for space savers, and beginning March 2, 2015 has begun removing any such parking savers throughout the city.

As your Cambridge Condo Insurance agent, we would like to remind you of your property owner responsibility according to the city ordinance which requires the following:

  • Clearing of snow from all sidewalks next to your property within 12 hours after the snow stops falling during daytime hours, and by 1 pm if the snow fall occurred during the night
  • Removal or melting of all ice within 6 hours of the time the ice forms
  • The sidewalk path should be cleared wide enough for someone using a wheelchair, walker or stroller (at least 3 feet, preferable 4 )
  • Corner properties must clear all surrounding sides, including clearing ramps at corners and crosswalks

When parking your car on the street, please consider the following tips:

  • Perform a “circle check” when returning to your car in order to immediately notice any damages that need to be addressed, noted and/or photographed before you leave
  • Try to avoid parking under large icicles or snow which has accumulated upon an awning, overhang, tree limb, etc
  • Fold in the rear view mirrors
  • Be aware that high snow banks may hinder your view, as well as that of oncoming traffic

It is up to you to make wise choices in order to reduce risk. Roadways throughout Cambridge are narrow, visibility is poor, potholes are emerging and conditions are unreliable. The time to find out that your insurance coverage is incomplete is NOT after you have an insurance claim. Take a moment and review your policy.

We’re here to help. For a no cost, no obligation, review and comparison of your insurance please contact us.

Additional information regarding Cambridge Department of Works Snow Emergency information as well as updates and new releases of information can be found on the City of Cambridge website at

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