Parking your Car in Watertown this Winter

The town of Watertown car parking ban for this winter is in effect. This affects all homeowners and car owners in Watertown as well as any overnight visitors. The regulation states that no car may remain on any Watertown public way “for more than one hour between the hours of 1 AM and 6 AM”. […]

Tips to Prepare your Car for Winter in Massachusetts

Your car insurance can protect you and cover damage to your vehicle in any driving condition, but winter in Massachusetts can be harsh. The key to safe winter driving is to plan ahead, know your vehicle and adapt to the current weather conditions. As the days get shorter and nights get colder, it’s time to […]

Safety Tips for a Happy Halloween from Guard Insurance

The leaves are falling, the temps are dropping, and the decorations are up. When passing out treats this Halloween, keep in mind that opening your home to the public can leave you vulnerable to an insurance claim or lawsuit. Take extra care while driving around town, be sure your home insurance policy is in place, review […]

Restaurant Insurance: Risks and Coverages in Massachusetts

It’s tough to run a successful restaurant anywhere, let alone in Massachusetts where there’s an abundance of good eateries. Your goal is to provide excellent service, great food and an overall fantastic experience for your customers without being bogged down by the details of what could go wrong. Restaurant insurance helps protect you against the […]

8 Car Insurance Tips for Young Drivers

When a teenager gets their driver’s license, it is probably the first time he or she ever thinks about insurance – any kind of insurance, let alone car insurance. And with that comes the realization that there are many reasons why young drivers pay a higher insurance premium. Teen drivers represent the highest risk segment […]

When in Arlington: Top 8 Destinations

If you find yourself in Arlington, consider yourself lucky on multiple levels. Arlington a is historic town with a thriving community.  It has maintained its heritage while remaining accessible and modern.  From the lively café to the local pizza parlor and the many ethnic specialty restaurants, Arlington is a natural spot for eatery gems. Parks […]

Should you have renters insurance if you live in an apartment? 

You found an apartment. It’s just right—your belongings fit, it’s conveniently located so you can bike to work on nice days and the rent is reasonable. Thus the great debate begins: to buy, or not to buy a renter’s insurance policy. Isn’t it expensive? I’m already paying for car insurance. No. Unlike other types of […]

10 Must Visit Spots in Cambridge, MA

The MIT Museum. State of the art exhibits in every corner. Holograms, robots, and interactive learning opportunities for every age. Science and math are fascinating at this museum. Plus, you can visit for free on the last Sunday of the month! As long as the weather allows, the African American Heritage Trail offers a great […]

The Best Fun Filled Destinations for Kids in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is full of rigorous academics and higher learning and with that offers a vast playground for educating and inspiring our youth! Read on for ideas about how to entertain kids while in Cambridge. Learning is cool here. As you might expect of the city home to Harvard University and MIT, opportunities to learn for every age abound. […]

Top Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver

In all of car insurance, one subject which causes a great deal of confusion lies in the contemplation over purchasing Collision Damage Waiver for your rental car. When renting a car, you will be offered the option of purchasing the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). Here are the top 10 reasons […]