Winter Driving Tips for Massachusetts Drivers

Winter driving presents a number of challenges for drivers in Massachusetts. Now that snow, ice and freezing temperatures are closing in on us, consider some of these tips to help you stay safe and minimize the potential hazards posed by cold weather, winter storms and icy roads that can lead to an auto accident. Know […]

Guard against Frozen Pipes – Tips for Massachusetts Homeowners

This winter, be aware and take care to protect your home or business against water damage that can result from frozen and burst pipes. Water freezes when heat in the water is transferred to subfreezing air. Most homes in Massachusetts are built with water pipes located on the inside of the building insulation, in order […]

Combine your Home and Auto Insurance and add up the SAVINGS!

According to the recent J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. National Homeowners Insurance Study, consumer satisfaction with their homeowner’s insurance companies reached an all-time-high in 2012, especially among consumers who bundle insurance policies. Offering the right coverage options at competitive prices when policies are bundled is key to customer satisfaction. Additionally, an added benefit is […]

Guard Against Auto Theft – Tips for Massachusetts Drivers

The National Insurance Crime Bureau lists the 1994 Honda Accord and the 1998 Honda Civic as the most-stolen vehicles in 2011. Guarding against auto theft can be out of your control, but there are a number of ways to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves:

How to Register your new Out-of-state Car in Massachusetts

If you have a purchased a new or used car from out of state, Congratulations! Let’s gets get you started on the things you need to do to register your car in Massachusetts for the first time, whether you are transferring your existing registration or applying for a new registration.