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Boston, MA — A short introduction to this Great American Town

Boston has been a thriving city since for hundreds of years. Yet whether you’re in Boston to live, work, or play, this dynamic city has never been more teeming with exciting opportunities and attractions. The largest city in New England is clean, compact, and pretty easy to get around.

Due to its status as one of the oldest cities in America, a basic understanding of the rich history of Boston is important to appreciating where it is today. Plus, it’s pretty hard to avoid! Monuments commemorating the revolutionary movement are found throughout the city, from Paul Revere’s house to the site of the 1770 Boston Massacre. The Freedom Trail is a great way to explore the 16 sites from the Revolutionary War and “be Bostonian” by getting where you’re going by walking.

Culture in abundance! Museums and public parks and gardens are abundant in Boston. The galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts might be equally as fascinating as people watching along the Charles River or the streets of Harvard Square.

For many, it’s impossible to talk about Boston without a mention of the Red Sox. Some argue that taking in a ball game at Fenway Park is one of the most “Bostonian” things a visitor or resident could do. Even for less enthusiastic baseball fans, a tour of the stadium is fascinating.

If you appreciate classical music you probably already know you’re in luck when you come to Boston, home of the legendary Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops. However there is much more to the music scene in Boston! Rock, folk and jazz also have a strong presence in the city—pop over to Cambridge to experience the hot live-music scene with a sampling of many genres.

Whether you live or visit, anything you could hope to shop for can be found in Boston. Newbury Street and Faneuil Hall Marketplace are great destinations for window-shopping at both chains and “only-in-Boston” establishments.

We all have to eat. The challenge in Boston is determining how to choose where in such a thriving food scene! There are the classic Boston traditions—New England clam chowder, Boston baked beans, Boston cream pie, and a few well-known breweries. Throughout the city Bostonians appreciate locally sourced food from seafood to produce. If you have a hankering for Italian go to the North End, find the hottest bistros in the South End, or find a mix of upscale, ethnic, and budget friendly options in Cambridge.

Have kids in tow? Don’t worry—Boston boasts an array of family-friendly activities throughout the city. Parks and zoos are excellent outdoor options, while the Boston Science Museum and Children’s Museum are dedicated to educating and entertaining kids and adults with hands-on exhibits. The New England Aquarium is another attraction for all ages with over 2,000 sea creatures on display!

Staying in Boston. This can get pricy, whether you’re in town for a visit or to live. Yet for guests there are options available at all price points—from Bed and Breakfasts to hotels and motels and short term rentals. Plan ahead and secure a reservation to guarantee a deal that won’t break your budget. Rent in the city center can range from $2,000-$4,000 or more, but is considerably lower outside the city center.