Cambridge Condo Insurance

Cambridge condo insuranceWhether your condo is in a two-family house or a 200 unit building, condo insurance in Cambridge, MA can protect you from losses to your personal property and the interior of your unit, as well as offer liability protection for bodily injury or property damage.

If there is a master condo insurance policy also factors in to the decisions you make when purchasing a condo insurance policy.

We’re here to help.

Save with these discounts in Cambridge

  • Condo association credit
  • Non smoker
  • Loss free
  • Mature insured
  • Sprinkler system
  • Alarm system
  • Central station alarm (burglar, fire, smoke)
  • Security features
  • Dead bolts
  • Smoke detector
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Advance issue
  • Claims history
  • eDocument credit
  • SBLI credit
  • AARP credit
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Bundle with your car insurance

Condo insurance coverage can include:

  • Personal liability coverage
  • Valuable items coverage
  • Betterment and improvements coverage
  • Personal property replacement cost coverage
  • Common loss assessment coverage
  • Building coverage to bridge the condo association master policy

Topics we can help you consider when purchasing condo insurance:

  • Is there a condo association master insurance policy? A master policy does not protect your personal belongings or your personal liability.
  • Do you need an umbrella liability policy? An umbrella policy has high limits that sit above your basic liability coverage.
  • What are your specific additions and alterations, and are they protected?
  • Do you plan to rent your condo to others?

Harvard University Campus in CambridgeCambridge Condo Owner Education – The City of Cambridge offers a course for new condo owners which covers topics like insurance, property management and maintenance, financial management and budgeting, as well as the legal structure of condominiums. This course is offered twice a year and is required for all homeowners who purchased with a Soft Second mortgage, but is also open to all condo owners or those considering buying a condo. The course reviews the rights and responsibilities of condo owners, and helps owners in planning for the maintenance of the unit and common areas and elements, in addition to investment management.

We’re here to help you protect your investment. Condo prices in Cambridge are high. A quick look at Zillow immediately reveals a market on the rise. Why? Aside from the proximity to Boston and the convenience of public transportation, Cambridge is nestled in with two of the world’s most prominent universities, Harvard and MIT. For many condo owners, the attraction to Cambridge lies well beyond in the community events held throughout the year. Parents can take their kids to the annual Danahey Park Family Day, where kids can enjoy amusement rides, arts and crafts, music and live performers. Cambridge parks come alive with music, dance, puppet theatre, movies, storytelling and more.

Cambridge water parkIn the summertime, there are water play parks throughout the city. Cambridge also attracts environmentalists who can be proud that the Alewife wetland was named public works project of the year with innovative approaches to science, engineering, ecology enhancing the environment and providing open space resources to Cambridge residents.

So why are the prices so high in Cambridge? Simple – It’s a great city.

You’ve made a sound investment in your Cambridge condo, so it makes sense that you would want to protect it. When you purchase a condo insurance policy through Guard Insurance, you are working with an award winning independent insurance agency representing multiple companies to get you the best price. We provide individual attention to qualify you for all the discounts available. We work with top insurance companies to get you a quote fast. And, of course, we provide excellent service “so you are REALLY covered.”

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