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Cambridge, MA — A short introduction to this Great American City

If you enjoy learning, nightlife, art, nature, history, or like the idea of restaurant options ranging from Italian to Afghan to seafood— Cambridge, Massachusetts has it all.

Just north of Boston across the Charles River, Cambridge is home to over 105,000 residents. Though much smaller than its metropolitan neighbor across the river, Cambridge is a bustling city with a thriving ecosystem of educational institutions, healthcare providers, and research and technology firms. The health of the city is evident in the vibrant arts scene, nightlife, and appreciation for the rich history of the region.

History is a big deal here. Cambridge is careful to preserve its heritage of being one of the oldest cities in the United States—the historical museums, walking tours, and even tours of Harvard help paint the picture of how Cambridge has evolved over time. History buffs, families, and nature enthusiasts alike will enjoy Mt. Auburn Cemetery and its focus on environmental sustainability, community programming, and respect for the important people laid to rest there.

Intelligent, educated people are everywhere in Cambridge. Two of America’s most prestigious universities give Cambridge an air of intellectually quirkiness—in a way that residents and visitors find quite endearing. While Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are the most famous academic institutions, four other colleges add to the vibrant academic scene where over 36,000 students study each year.

Nighttime is far from boring. Whether you’re ready to dance the night away or listen to live music as you nibble on bistro fare, you’ll find it here. Though multiple guides can help give pointers, locals are typically best at pointing you to their go-to haunts or trendy and new restaurants or bars.

Getting around (and being green). The City of Cambridge has committed to help people get around town without driving. Pedestrian friendly intersections, bicycle lanes and public transit all help facilitate this in a fairly convenient and efficient manner.  Download the MBTA smartphone app, purchase a pass to use the Hubway bike sharing system at local station, or simply walk. Cambridge is densely built and fairly easy to navigate on foot.  (Check out walking trails like the Minuteman Trail to enjoy the natural beauty of Massachusetts!)

Food in abundance. The two major universities in Cambridge have each developed their own food scene to fit every appetite. Throughout the city, Cambridge offers a smattering of gastronomical delight—excellent coffee, brunch options, ethnic “hole in the wall” joints, fantastic pizza parlors, and fine dining options abound.

No excuse to be bored. If the weather is agreeable and you like being outside, head to the Charles River. There are a couple companies that will rent you a canoe or kayak to enjoy the body of water that separates Cambridge from Boston. Regardless of the weather, museums like the MIT museum are fascinating.  Fun for kids and adults alike, the MIT Museum is free on the last Sunday of every month. Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy The Shops at Porter in Porter Square and Cambridgeside Galleria in East Cambridge.